Virtual JuST Camp 2020

Deans: Jack Perkins Davidson & Andrew Wicks

Were you looking forward to a mission trip that got cancelled this summer? Are you craving an experience of faith that's more relevant to what's happening in the world? Join us for a socially distant JuST Camp (Justice & Service Training Camp)! With a combination of short online check-ins, self-guided inquiry, engaging personal adventures, and a little taste of camp fun, we’ll discover new ways we can answer the biblical call to co-create a more loving world even from a distance.


     • Day 1: Introduction Day
     • Days 2-4
     • Housing Justice
     • Food Justice
     • LGBTQ+ Justice
     • Racial Justice
     • Environmental Justice
     • Educational Justice
     • Day 5


Day 1:

Introduction Day

Welcome to Virtual JuST Camp! Get started by watching these two intro videos from your deans, Jack and Andrew. Then read through the link below, and do the suggested activities. Finally, join us for a live Zoom call at 5 p.m. The link is in your email!




     • Read Center for American Progress’ Addressing Urban Poverty in America Must Remain a Priority

     • Google Earth Projects Urban Poverty in America: Google Earth

     • Play Urban Ministries of Durham's SPENT:

     • Service Activity: Create a 3 panel "comic-strip style" drawing explaining where you see injustice in your community, and the role you think you have in addressing it. Though it's taking the format of a "comic strip" it wont tell a joke, just show 3 different images to addressing the challenge presented here. 

     • 5 pm check in on Zoom (check your email for the link)


Days 2-4

Choose a topic below to focus on each day.


Housing Justice


     • Reading: NBC News’ Connecticut Investigates.

     • Reading: Huffington Post’s Street Art and activism with the Slumlord Project in Baltimore.

     • Video/Game: Tate Museum’s Street Art

     • Service Action: Find out which shelters serve your area and contact them to find out what they need. Then put together a “welcome basket” for people who are entering temporary housing units.

     • Justice Action: Look up #CancelRent movement or the Poor People’s Campaign. See what petitions, rallies, and letter writing campaigns you feel comfortable participating in.


Food Justice

     • Reading: Episcopal News Service’s How the Second Largest Soup Kitchen in the U.S. Handles ...

     • Video/Game: PBS's Building an Oasis in Philadelphia's Food Desert

     • Service Action: Research your local Food Pantry, find out what they need, reach out to 10 friends or neighbors to collect that.

     • Justice Action: Without your parents' help, but with their permission, get yourself to the grocery store and back. What made it difficult to get groceries? Design a system that would make it easier for people to access food.


LGBTQ+ Justice


   • Video: History of Voguing


   • Reading: Black History Is Queer History and Queer History Is Black History

   • Service Action: Pick three names from reading the article and learn more about them. Then look up the various Pride flags. Put a post affirming LGBTQIA+ people on your social media or put up flags in your front yard/windows.

   • Justice Action: Look up organizations that focus on LGBTQIA+ housing for homeless youth. Find their advocacy pages and decide which petitions, rallies, or letter writing campaigns you want to support.


Racial Justice


   • Reading: The Conversation’s COVID-19 Is Hitting Black and Poor Communities the Hardest

   • Video Playlist: Racism

   • Service Action: Research Black-owned businesses in your area. Buy lunch or something else you need from there. Are there no Black-owned businesses near you? What does that tell you about your community? Can you find Black-owned businesses online and order something from one?

   • Justice Action: Amplify Voices of Color! The most important thing we can do for racial justice is make sure to center marginalized voices. So pick one of these videos and figure out a way to share it and discuss it with your friends/family/neighbors/community. You can post it on Social Media. You can show it to your sibling. You can create a protest sign to put up in your yard.


Environmental Justice


     • Reading: NPR's article about two Indonesian girls who got an entire island to ban plastic bags 

     • Video: Greta Thunberg

     • Service Action: Go to a park, beach, or walking trail and pick up trash.

     • Justice Action: Create a composting or recycling system for your church.


Educational Justice



     • Reading: NPR’s Why America’s Schools have a money problem.

     • Video: TED/Kandice Sumner’s How America’s Public Schools keep kids in poverty:

     • Service Action: Reach out to 10 friends to collect books by and about people of color for your school or church or town library. 

     • Justice Action: Strategize for youth-led campaign to undo racism in local community, school, church, town, etc.


Day 5

     • Reading: Read this article on how to turn ideas into vision, goals, and plans of action. 

     • Video: Matt & Jack Webb's TED Talk Kids Can Change the World


     • Justice Action: Email Federal Representatives about what's important to you:!/ , then email your state legislators about what's important to you.

          Find your Legislators:

     • Justice/Service Action: Using what you have learned from today's reading and video, plus the activities we have done this week, form an idea for a service justice movement/organization/action. Flesh out your idea with a vision, goals, and an action plan for how to achieve it. Include specific dates and the benchmarks necessary to carry out your plan. 

     • Closing Worship: For our closing worship each person will have 30-60 seconds to share something they find spiritual and meaningful with the group. This can be a piece of art, music, a poem, a silent meditation, spoken word, scripture, whatever comes to mind. Please have something ready to share when we gather at 5 pm. Check your email for the Zoom link.



Sunday, June 28 @ 5:30 p.m. - Zoom info session for registered participants.


Sunday, June 14 @ 5:30 pm - Zoom Info Session for interested youth. Watch the replay:



Sunday, June 28 @ 5:30 pm - Zoom Planning Session for enrolled Conferees. 

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