Virtual JuST Camp 2020

Deans: Jack Perkins Davidson & Andrew Wicks

Were you looking forward to a mission trip that got cancelled this summer? Are you craving an experience of faith that's more relevant to what's happening in the world? Join us for a socially distant JuST Camp (Justice & Service Training Camp)! With a combination of short online check-ins, self-guided inquiry, engaging personal adventures, and a little taste of camp fun, we’ll discover new ways we can answer the biblical call to co-create a more loving world even from a distance.

     • Day 1: Introduction Day
     • Housing Justice
     • Food Justice
     • LGBTQ+ Justice
     • Racial Justice
     • Environmental Justice
     • Educational Justice
     • Day 5


Day 1:

Introduction Day

     • Read Center for American Progress’ Addressing Urban Poverty in America Must Remain a Priority

     • Google Earth Projects Urban Poverty in America: Google Earth

     • Play Urban Ministries of Durham's SPENT:

     • 5 pm check in on Zoom (check your email for the link)

Housing Justice


     • Reading: NBC News’ Connecticut Investigates.

     • Reading: Huffington Post’s Street Art and activism with the Slumlord Project in Baltimore.

     • Video/Game: Tate Museum’s Street Art

     • Service Action: Find out which shelters serve your area and contact them to find out what they need. Then put together a “welcome basket” for people who are entering temporary housing units.

     • Justice Action: Look up #CancelRent movement or the Poor People’s Campaign. See what petitions, rallies, and letter writing campaigns you feel comfortable participating in.

Food Justice

     • Reading: Episcopal News Service’s How the Second Largest Soup Kitchen in the U.S. Handles ...

     • Video/Game: PBS's Building an Oasis in Philadelphia's Food Desert

     • Service Action: Research your local Food Pantry, find out what they need, reach out to 10 friends or neighbors to collect that.

     • Justice Action: Without your parents' help, but with their permission, get yourself to the grocery store and back. What made it difficult to get groceries? Design a system that would make it easier for people to access food

LGBTQ+ Justice


   • Video: History of Voguing


   • Reading: Black History Is Queer History and Queer History Is Black History

   • Service Action: Pick three names from reading the article and learn more about them. Then look up the various Pride flags. Put a post affirming LGBTQIA+ people on your social media or put up flags in your front yard/windows.

   • Justice Action: Look up organizations that focus on LGBTQIA+ housing for homeless youth. Find their advocacy pages and decide which petitions, rallies, or letter writing campaigns you want to support.

Racial Justice


   • Reading: The Conversation’s COVID-19 Is Hitting Black and Poor Communities the Hardest

   • Video

   • Service Action: Research Black-owned businesses in your area. Buy lunch or something else you need from there. Are there no Black-owned businesses near you? What does that tell you about your community? Can you find Black-owned businesses online and order something from one?

   • Justice Action:

Environmental Justice


     • Reading: NPR's article about two Indonesian girls who got an entire island to ban plastic bags 

     • Video: Greta Thunberg

     • Service Action: Go to a park, beach, or walking trail and pick up trash.

     • Justice Action: Create a composting or recycling system for your church.

Educational Justice




Sunday, June 28 @ 5:30 p.m. - Zoom info session for registered participants.


Sunday, June 14 @ 5:30 pm - Zoom Info Session for interested youth. Watch the replay:



Sunday, June 28 @ 5:30 pm - Zoom Planning Session for enrolled Conferees. 

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