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How to have an extraordinary experience: Do the challenge courses!

Silver Lake high ropes course
An adventurer scales the vertical playpen.

Do you want to experience the gravity-defying excitement of plunging 90 feet from a tree-top platform with nothing but a harness and a helmet between you and the hard ground? Oh yeah, and a certified ropes facilitator anchoring you?

Neither did many of the campers or retreat participants at Silver Lake this past season, but it was the number one highlight that they later boasted about and can't wait to do again! Let's face it, mountaintop experiences are rarely had from the sofa, watching TV. Silver Lake has the ultimate tree-top High Ropes Challenge Course, for "mountaintop" experiences as a group, or as an individual, with a number of different elements to test your courage, your team interdependence, and your limits.

Both the High and Low Ropes Challenge Courses offer opportunities to have extraordinary experiences in an adventurous but very safe manner, led by skilled and trained facilitators. No adventurer does more than they are able or willing to do, but many are surprised at what they achieve, with their teammates cheering from the ground, and the support and guidance of the facilitator.

Silver Lake Low Ropes Course

A group works together to solve a
low-ropes challenge.

The Low Ropes Course, close to the ground, offers all sorts of elements to challenge you and your group to "think outside the box," solve dilemmas, and experience success in a kinetic, physical and mental arena. Getting everyone to balance together on the "whale-watch," passing through a web of elastic cords without touching them, finding your way out of a maze blind-folded: these experiences empower your group to move through obstacles in a way that alters the limiting perceptions that we often start with.

Going beyond what we think is possible has a profound impact in many areas of life. Let the High and Low Ropes Challenge Courses and our enthusiastic, trained facilitators show you what you're really capable of, and send you on your journey, changed!

The High and Low Rope Challenge Courses were designed and built by a professional adventure design firm which regularly inspects, maintains, and enhances the Courses for safety and strength.

To reserve the courses for your next retreat, or for more information, email or call Silver Lake at 860-364-5526.

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