Vaccine Requirement Announcement

October 15, 2021
Conferees at Arts and Crafts During Summer Camp 2021
Beginning this fall, Silver Lake will require all guests to our site to be fully vaccinated* against Covid-19. Those who are not able to be vaccinated due to a medical condition or due to age may show proof of a negative PCR test taken not more than 3 days before the event.

At Silver Lake, our first concern is the safety of our participants. By incorporating a number of program modifications and new policies, we were able to hold six weeks of in-person summer camp in 2021 with no cases of Covid-19. We celebrate that accomplishment, and we recognize that we were very lucky.

As we move forward and the vaccine becomes more available, we have learned that the best way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is for as many people as possible to get the vaccine. As Christians, we feel we have a duty to vaccinate ourselves in order to protect our neighbors, especially those who are not able to get the vaccine due to their age or medical condition.

To ensure that the overnight retreats we host, the weekend programs that we run, and our family day programs prioritize the safety of all participants, we are requiring vaccination for participation. We believe this policy not only creates the safest space possible, but that it also follows the teachings of Jesus, who highlighted protecting the vulnerable.

We hope that this policy gives you the confidence to return to Silver Lake for fellowship, reflection, and an experience of God's love in creation. We can't wait to welcome you back!

*An individual is considered "fully vaccinated" two weeks after their last dose of Covid-19 vaccination. For Pfizer and Moderna, that is two weeks after the second shot. For Johnson & Johnson, that is two weeks after the single shot.
As a ministry of the Southern New England Conference, United Church of Christ (SNE UCC), Silver Lake adheres to all the policies put in place by the Conference.

Read the SNE UCC Covid Policies for Guests and Vendors.

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