Connecting with Silver Lake Summer Staff

March 19, 2021
Silver Lake summer staff are at the core of our ministry. They are the ones who bring God’s love to our campers. They rise to every challenge set before them, and they often do it while singing! 

While our summer staff will be working hard to ensure every Silver Lake camper has a safe, positive, and life-changing experience, we invite you to help us change the lives of our staff! 

Most years, members of UCC churches are engaged in our summer ministry as volunteers. As we nurture the future leaders of the UCC, these casual contacts between our current church leaders, both lay and clergy, and our summer staffers are instrumental in their long-term faith journeys. 

We value your church’s and association’s contributions to the Silver Lake ministry and to the development of our future leaders.  We have come up with several ideas for how you can connect with our summer staffers and build relationships with them even while not being physically present. 

Here are some ideas we have: 

  1. Adopt a staff member 
    1. You will be paired with one member of the SLCC summer staff to send mail to over the course of the summer. 
    2. If you are interested in this option, please email Jenn Kronholm Clark 
  2. Adopt a staff team 
    1. You will be paired with a team of staff members (approximately 5 people) to send a care package(s) to during the summer. 
    2. If you are interested in this option, please email Jenn Kronholm Clark 
  3. Donate to the special 2021 Summer Staff fund (directions below) 
    1. All gifts to this fund will support special events and activities held throughout the summer for staff to bond and have fun as a staff! 

We are eager to answer your questions, give you more information, and hear any additional ideas you may have for ways to support our summer staff. And we encourage you to work together – any of these ideas can be done by an individual, a family, or a church group. 

You have been such a great supporter of Silver Lake, and we are excited to provide a new way for you to engage with us this summer. 

We are grateful for your partnership and excited to work with you to make Summer 2021 the best summer yet for Silver Lake – campers and staff! 


Donation directions: 
Complete this form:

How to pay online 

  • Once your information is entered in the form, click "Submit Donation"
  • On the next screen you will be prompted to enter your card information and process the payment online.

Other ways to give 

  • Once your information is entered in the form (link above), click "Submit Donation"
  • The next screen will ask for card payment, but that is not required.
  • Mail a check 
    • Make the check out to Silver Lake Conference Center 
    • In the memo line, write “2021 Summer Staff” 
    • Mail to:  
      • Silver Lake Conference Center 
      • 223 Low Road 
      • Sharon, CT 06069 
  • Pay with a card over the phone 
    • Call the office: 860-364-5526 
    • Office hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30-4:30 

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