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Expected commitment

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Counselors-in-Training (CITs)

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About Being a Volunteer Cabin Counselor at Silver Lake

The role of the Counselor is to report to and assist the Dean (program leader) in supervising the campers and implementing the program for the week. You will work as a team with the other counselors and deans to ensure the campers have the best camp experience ever.  

As a role model, and as a participant in the community of Silver Lake, you have an opportunity to enjoy the fun of Silver Lake, make new friends, share and deepen your own faith journey as you serve our campers. If you have been a camper before, it's a chance to give back and create the kind of environment that you enjoyed yourself. If you haven't been a camper, welcome to your own Silver Lake experience in your new role of service.

Cabin Counselor Responsibilities Include:

  1. helping to create an inclusive environment
  2. making sure everyone feels welcome
  3. encouraging everyone to participate
  4. inviting all to contribute

You will be staying in a room with up to eight campers and you are expected to be there from the campers' bedtime until morning when they get up.

All volunteer cabin counselors will have a minimum of one 1-hour break each day. You will work out with your Deans when you can take breaks and free time for yourself during the week.


  1. At least 16 years old
  2. A minimum of 2 years older than the oldest camper in the program

Expected Commitment

  1. 3:00 pm the Saturday before your program begins and stay through 11:00 am the following Saturday.
  2. Those recruited as volunteer cabin counselors are encouraged to commit to the full program.

Additional Information

  1. All Cabin Counselors must complete online Safe Camp training and in-person training. 
  2. Counselors are highly encouraged to attend the Counselor Retreat in the spring.
  3. All cabin counselors, age 18 and older, must complete a background check.
  4. All volunteers must have a complete Health Record to be at camp.
  5. Any volunteer sleeping in a bunk room must turn over all medications, even over-the-counter drugs, to the nurse upon arrival.

Apply to be a Volunteer Cabin Counselor

  1. Fill out the Counselor Application - even if you have already been recruited by a Dean.
  2. Once your application is submitted, Silver Lake staff will contact you to match you with a program.
  3. Once you are a confirmed counselor, you will be sent instructions for a background check (over 18 only) and online Safe Camp training (everybody).

The forms are hosted by UltraCamp, our online registration system. You will need to log in or create an UltraCamp account to complete the forms. There is no cost to create an account or to fill out the counselor application. If you have any problems or questions, please contact

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program

Stay tuned for more information about our CIT Program

Required Forms

Counselor Application - To indicate interest in counselling. If you have filled this out before, please update your information and save.

Summer Camp Volunteer Form - For those who are confirmed counselors. If you have filled this out before, please update your information and save.

Health Forms

  1. Health History
  2. Doctor Signature Page (valid for two years from the exam date)
  3. Medication Authorization Form (required for everybody bringing medications, valid for one year from the date of the signature)

Additional Reading and Resources

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