Many Voices, One Mission: Grown-ups at Camp!


"This community-building thing we do works for grown-ups, too!" — Rev. Mary Nelson

Mary Nelson

Many Voices, One Mission: Connected


"Our response to each new challenge has come from that core mission: intentional Christian community." —Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Nerim's Sentencing: A Testimony to the Power of Forgiveness


Devan has given us permission to share this with you, the CTUCC community. It is a powerful testimony to the power of forgiveness.

Devan Mulvaney

Interfaith Vigil for Climate Crisis


This post originally appeared at   Pam Arifian, my colleague and Director of the Northeast Environmental Justice Center of the United Church of Christ, brought to my attention last week that People’s Climate Movement is trying to spark 100 vigils in the first 100 hours of the new administration to draw attention to the climate crisis so many of our elected officials are hoping to ignore (or, worse, deny). GreenFaith is helping interfaith groups organize a program that is ...

Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Lake Reflections: Week 7


I found this year's, "Fearless Faith: Courage in Community," to be an inspiring challenge both personally and pastorally.

Chris Mereschuk

Lake Reflections: Week 5


Dancers from Sing Praise in 2014 by Hannah Geiling My mom, Betty Geiling, was walking across the ball field at Silver Lake Conference Center. She ran into our Executive Director Ryan Gackenheimer who introduced her to the first deans of the conference Sing Praise. My mother immediately remembered seeing a traveling performance of their worship almost 40 years ago. She happily recalled the conferees singing and dancing, "Moses Frogs," hopping all over the sanctuary at The New Milford First ...

Lake Reflections: Week 4


Clay Tablets. Photo by Amy Bruch by Amy Bruch It's heartening, at this particular time in our country, to receive the gift of sitting quietly on a white rock beside a still lake watching the sun set, hearing only the natural sounds of twilight fading into evening among many tall trees. My invitation to serve as artist-in-residence for a week at Silver Lake found me in that place beside Silver Birch Lodge this summer. Winding down the hill from the main camp, the Lodge is a building with ...

Lake Reflections: Week 2


Artist-in-residence Josh Sander shares some thoughts on the Sanctuary he finds at Silver Lake.

Josh Sander

Lake Reflections Week 1: Morning Mist


Have you ever witnessed millions of tiny water particles evaporate to form one body, a cloud? If you've ever been down to morning dip at Silver Lake on a cool summer morning, you might be able to say you have.

Hayley Richards

Guest Post: Environmental Justice for All


Silver Lake hosted the third Environmental Justice for All! training retreat for youth of color May 20-22, 2016. One of the counselors, longtime Silver Laker Jarell Lindsey, posted his reflections on the weekend on his blog. He has given us permission to share some here with you. Please click over to his site to read the whole post! Thank you, Jarell! Environmental Justice for All By Jarell LindseySilver Lake Conference Center is the place where a waterfall taught me how to breathe. But I’ll ...

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