The Lake in the Time of COVID


Members of a Family Retreat enjoy making a meal together.
Summer 2021 plans are in place with tons of health and safety protocols, Adventure Days are happening in a new way, Family retreats are being booked, we’re having in-person Christmas at the Lake events. But is it the same? Is it Silver Lake? We can’t see the smiles, we can’t give bear hugs, we can’t buddy-up close around a campfire. 

I say resoundingly that YES, it is Silver Lake! For me, Silver Lake is about putting yourself out there and being caught by God’s love. It’s about taking a risk, trying new things, making new friends, and being the person you always thought you could be. It’s about learning to put other people first, taking a deep breath, re-centering, and trying to be a good follower or leader (whichever doesn’t come naturally to you).

None of this has anything to do with 6 feet or wearing a mask. We are creating disciples, leaders, people who take the power of Silver Lake into the world. People of all ages - kids attending for the first time, young adults on staff, and older people volunteering as deans and counselors, growing young again as they live into their own faith journeys. There are families who have been coming to Silver Lake for generations, and new legacies being born every single year. 

I see the road signs: “Hope is not cancelled, Compassion is not cancelled, Fun is not cancelled.” Silver Lake is far from cancelled - our incredible year-round staff adapt and grow right along with it. I am so excited that we are being forced to re-think old habits, prioritize the important things, and think outside the box. We have been given an incredible opportunity to look with fresh eyes at the ancient idea of a faith community. And we are stronger for it. 

Keep your eyes peeled for news of more events, and the full Summer 2021 calendar coming in December!

Nancy True
Silver Lake Board of Directors

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