Senior Division Session 1 Week 2 Day 8


Today the special day was Red, White and Blue Challenge day. They began the day by cheering on the counselors and then rotated through stations, sticking with their color at each station to try and beat the other colors. They battled it out in archery, shooting for points, dodge ball, newcomb and even in the pool with some races!This morning the kids watched and cheered on as the counselors participated in relay races and then joined in on the fun and games with archery, newcomb, and dodge ball. Today the kids made lots of fun memories! It was red, white and blue day and they worked well with their color team to battle with the other colors in a variety of games. They made ice cream sundaes and enjoyed lots of delicious food at the cookout! The best moment of the day was at pool where the kids made a line and jumped in the pool, cannon ball style, one at a time and then raced with their team to swim to the other side, untie a tshirt and doggy paddle back to finish before the other teams. Tomorrow is Red, White and Blue Challenge Day where they will participate in stations like tennis ball bounce, gaga ball, bottle flip relay, balloon juggle, heads up, scavenger hunts and Pictionary. It will be a rainy day so don't forget your rain gear and a lunch!

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