Friday Special Day Schedule!


Friday July 21st is Carnival Day and Cookout!  

No need to bring a lunch.  We will have burgers, hotdogs, and sundaes in the afternoon!  We also have fun treats at carnival.  

Carnival and Play Schedule
9:15- 10:30 - Carnival -Pilgrim, Birch, Pine, Maple, White, Rocky
                      Swim - Plymouth, Block, Quarry, Banner, Shady, Badger, Senior

10:45- 12:00 - Switch!

12:00 - 12:45 - Lunch at Your Site (no early dismissals at this time)

12:45 - 1:30 -  PDC Productions Play -  Some campers in Banner, Pine, Maple, Shady, and Badger chose to be in our PDC productions.  They will perform on Friday,  at 12:45- 1:30. Parents are invited to come! They will be performing in Edwards House (White building on the campgrounds). 

1:40-2:25  - First Free Swim - Plymouth, Block, Quarry, Banner, Shady, Badger, Senior
                 - Sundaes for Pilgrim, Birch, Pine, Maple, White, Rocky
2:35- 3:20 - Switch

Remember - If you are picking up early on Friday please email or call the office first .  Please pick up before 12:00 or after 1:00 .  

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