Top 10 Reasons 2-Week Conferences are Going to be Amazing!


The Top 10 Reasons 2-Week Conferences at Silver Lake in Summer 2021 are Going to be Amazing!

1. Community

If you thought your camp friendships were unbreakable after one week at camp, imagine how close you'll be after 2 weeks!

2. Deeper Faith

Help us create, and immerse yourself in, an intentional Christian Community; listen for God calling; discover your spiritual gifts; engage in conversation and activities about faith and God; and learn what it means to Love God, Love Your Neighbor, Love Yourself, and Love Creation - all while playing, swimming, climbing, laughing, singing, eating, running, and enjoying camp at Silver Lake.

3. More Ropes

Being at camp for 2 weeks will give conferees multiple opportunities to experience the low and high ropes courses. More chances to get off the ground (however high you want to go!), test your courage, and build your team interdependence.

4. Boats, Boats, Boats!

More time at camp, means more time at the waterfront. More time at the waterfront, means more time to learn how to use the Silver Lake boats (or sharpen your boating skills!)

Silver Lake has canoes, paddle boats, sail boats, and kayaks - there's something for everyone and every skill level.

5. Special Saturday and Sunday Features

Never before have conferees (campers) stayed overnight at Silver Lake for a weekend in the summer. We'll stay up later on Saturday night, and sleep in longer on Sunday morning, have a special Sunday worship, and more!

6. More Time Outside in Creation

Dig in the garden, walk on the trails, sit by the waterfall, splash in the lake - 2 weeks means double the amount of time to explore, learn about, immerse yourself in, and Love Creation.

7. More Time to Create

Tap into the right side of your brain, and let the creative juices flow! More Ceramics and Arts & Crafts, more gifts for your family, more mementos of your time at camp. 

8. Leadership Skills

Living in community means learning to work as a team. Listening, problem-solving, sharing, learning to be flexible and compromise. All these things are taught, shown, and lived at camp; and two weeks at camp gives even more time to learn and strengthen these leadership skills.

9. Worship

Worship in the chapel, worship at the waterfront;
worship on the ballfield, worship in the amphitheater;
worship with your conference, worship with the staff;
worship in the evening, worship in the morning;
the possibilities are endless for unique and meaningful worship experiences at Silver Lake.

10. Camp Fires, S’mores, Swimming, Lynn’s Amazing Food, Night Hikes, and more!

Two week sessions double the opportunity to experience all the things you love about camp and Silver Lake.

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Ruth Choate

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